Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Use Online Stock Trading Software

For commercial stocks of U.S. stock exchanges, you can go online, visit your stockbroker office or call your stockbroker. If you are examining stocks or trade stocks through your stockbroker’s website, you are using their business software. Various stockbrokers use different trading platforms but the requirements are the same. Here are some tips for using online stock trading software.

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Difficulty: Easy


Opening stock trading account with an online stockbroker or a bank that offers online trading services. Note their fees, commissions, ease of use and trade executions. Open account with a stockbroker of your choice (see Resources below).


Stock fund your trading account. Refer to your operator and find out how to add funds to your brokerage account. Most stockbrokers receive funds through cable transfers, money orders, personal checks and bank to bank deposits. Fund your account after your exchange instructions.

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Use free stock charting and research websites such as Morningstar Stock Charts and research foundations of various types. Note their profits, return on investment, management, bid and asked ratio and corporate news. Write symbols of the stocks you will find attractive (see resources below).


Log into your stock trading software Log in to your stock trading platform using the username or account number and password you received when you opened a business account.


Enter information about your stocks Press Trade Stocks and enter information about the stocks you want to buy or sell. Select the "buy" or "sell" from the drop-down list. Enter the number of shares you buy and stock symbol in the area provided. Click the "Find a symbol, if you are not sure of the character of its members.


Select "Line Type" and "Line length" from the drop-down list. The most common types of order are "day" meaning want trade executed immediately, or "limit", if you want to determine stock price. Click View to review the contract and when the next window opens. Click "Buy" when you are finished.

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